Change to “Enjoy” Transactions in Enhancement Pack 6

There are several new functionalities that are available with enhancement pack 6 such as Segment Reorganization, enhancements to the Closing Cockpit and Side Panel for Business Suite. However, one glaring change which is not necessarily a benefit is that the Configuration icon which is normally available with “Enjoy” transactions such as FB50, FB60 and FB70 is no longer available. If you want to know what the configuration icon is, then go to one of these transactions and look at the square button with yellow and blue lines which sits on top of the right scroll bar of the line items section. This button is normally used when an individual user wants to change the layout of the columns that are available in the line items section. This was always a very handy tool to have because users have different requirements for using these transactions. For example one user may need the “Cost Center” and “Internal Order” columns to be available on the screen without scrolling to the right part of it, while another user may need the “Profitability Segment” field available. With the configuration button you can move, hide, display and change the width of the columns, and save them so that your screen default is set the next time you access the transaction.

When you upgrade to Enhancement package 6 this configuration button no longer exists. This means that users that previously saved a variant for these enjoy transactions will be stuck with the last variant that they saved before the upgrade. Also, it means that users will no longer be able to customize the enjoy transaction screen layout for their own purposes. I will show you two ways that this issue can be remedied:

(1)   Create a transaction and screen variant: Go to transaction SHD0, enter the transaction code (e.g. FB50), enter a transaction variant (e.g. ZFB50) and click on the “Create” button. This will take you to the transaction processing screen. You can then change, hide or display the columns to your liking, press the “Enter” key and then click on the “Exit and Save” button. The system will generate a screen variant and then you can give the screen variant a description and click on “Save” again. Creating a screen variant is usually a workbench configuration transaction, which means you will need to assign it to a Development Package and to a workbench transport request. When a user is working in one of the Enjoy transactions, they can go to the top-menu and select “Edit -> Screen Variant -> Select Screen Variant” and they can choose the relevant screen variant that is configured for them.

One issue with this approach is that the user does not have control over the creation and modification of the layout variant. Every change that needs to be made will require a configuration activity, and hence is less flexible to the end user.

(2)   Follow the instructions in Note 1660466: Once this note is implemented you would need to go to transaction SM30 and enter table TCVIEW and click on the “Maintain” button. Then highlight all the rows that contain program SAPLFSKB and delete the lines.

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