00 Things You Should Know About Financial Accounting with SAPThis book provides 100 practical, little-known tips, tricks, and workarounds to help you get the most out of your SAP system. Whether you’re a user, super-user, or consultant, you’ll find useful information to help you:

Save Time and Money
With the time-saving shortcuts and workarounds provided, users of all levels will get the most out of their daily interaction with the system.

Increase Efficiency
Use these insightful tips to configure screens to your personal needs, to significantly reduce the number of IT trouble tickets, and to work more efficiently. The books’ hands-on approach and easy-to-follow layout will help you to pick up new skills in no time.

Work Smarter
Your SAP user experience will be friendlier and easier, and you may even find yourself saying, “I had no idea you could do this that way!” or “I wish I had known how to do this a long time ago!”


• Account determination
• Document splitting
• Drilldown reports
• Worklists
• Material Ledger
• ABAP List Viewer reports
• Screen variants
• Cost of sales accounting
• Statistical cost elements

SAP Controlling 2012 General Ledger Session